In today’s production environment where production budgets have been slimmed considerably, the role of sharp, detailed, numbers oriented production management is more important than ever.  Producers, like sound guys have traditionally been easy targets for good natured ribbing about their roles in production.  Of course, that’s probably coming from the creatives, not the clients.  Good producers understand the tremendous risks and pressures that clients endure from their superiors.  Even small productions have budgets that dwarf the regular operations of many departments.    For many of our clients, a film, exhibition or trade show will be one of the largest expenditures of that fiscal year.  Good producers understand that and act accordingly.

At Post Office Editorial, we’ve got your back.  Our production management staff has produced dozens of shoots, shows, events and exhibitions with budgets ranging from the thousands to hundreds of thousands and beyond.   We planned international sales conferences, domestic product tours, and film shoots from China to Iraq.  Good productions begin with good production planning.   At Post Office Editorial, you can count on it.



The current production environment is unusual to say the least.  The extraordinary downward pressure on budgets is accompanied by an explosion of superlative image acquisition tools, many of which seem to be updated monthly.  At the same time, many productions are becoming more complicated not less.  Raw data workflows means greater flexibility down the line. but also creates tremendous storage demands, essentially a “digital negative” workflow on every shoot big and small.  HDSLR’s almost always demand “second system” sound which while it creates jobs for production people reintroduces material and labor costs that were nearly eliminated in workflows just a few years ago.