Rocket Science

There is an unusual trend happening in cameras today and I wonder how long it will last.  Put simply, professional cameras are becoming increasingly difficult to use.

Back to the Future

Today, I had to digitize from tape.  It was almost a surreal experience.  For twenty plus years that was my life.  And then in about an instance it was gone.  I hadn’t loaded from tape of any kind in probably two years.  It was so disorienting, like driving through an old neighborhood that you hadn’t been back to in decades.  The cords, cables, even the menu items on the decks came back as if trying to remember a dream.  Almost a melancholy experience.  I do like seeing those decks stacked up on my edit desk though and miss the blinking lights.  Hell, I even had to clean the heads.  Amazing that I had chemtronic sticks and head cleaner hanging around.  Sigh.