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Over the last several years, the tools for sought after color grading have become numerous and accessible by most editors.  Most productions undergo some level of color correction in the online but what distinguishes color grading from color correction can be most simply described as “intent.”  Color correction is a technical process while a grade is a creative decision determined with the director that communicates something to your audience.  It’s more akin to the emotions generated by the sound design and soundtrack of a particular program.  Color grading is another tool to enhance the overall effect.

We are proud to make available to our clients a new DaVinci color correction suite featuring the Tangent Elements control panel and the Flanders Scientific 2140W color grading monitor.


Our editors have cut hundreds of programs for such clients as Discovery, National Geographic, NOVA, The American Experience, Anyplace Wild, ABC, the CBC, and many others.  We produce and direct our own projects as well as dozens of other projects that are brought to us by outside producers.  We provide experienced editorial services as well as the more humble nuts and bolts of video editing.

Our staff was responsible for every phase of production of the “Anyplace Wild” series, an Emmy award winning outdoor adventure series for PBS, from story conception to field production in remote locations around the world.  We repackaged all 51 hours for syndication and international distribution.

Following the success of “Legacy of Heroes,” our story about battlefield surgeons during WWII, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has asked us to produce the Academy’s 75th Anniversary program, a sprawling three year long effort comprising a coffee table book, “Moving Stories,” digital timelines, a traveling and permanent exhibit and a film, “Moving Pictures.”

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